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PSR AllStar Node #: 2462

To use your cell phone (or a land-line), away from the repeater, do the following:

1) Register as a 'Normal User' account and/or login using your FCC issued call at:

2) Once you're logged in to, go to your Account Profile.

3) If your e-mail/call has been validated you will see "Your Callsign is Validated"; Make a note of the 10 digit Secure PIN Number (henceforth called PIN).

4) Calling into the node:

   - Use phone (in Speaker mode) to [dial]: (763)230-0000
   - [When prompted, dial]: 2462#
   - [dial] 1 (for Node Access)
   - [dial] PIN
   - [dial] 2 (for Function Operated Access)
   - You will be dialed in to the Node
   - Bring up the keypad on your phone (if cellular)
   - [dial] *99 to initiate PTT
   - Say what you want and clear w/ your call.
   - [dial] # when done speaking (to release PTT)

Remember to be in a noise-free environment as your mic will pick up more room noise in 'speaker mode' also try and remain 6-12" away from the mic, too close will over-mod and too far will be too hollow.

A standard telephone microphone has superior dynamic range to a cell phone and, if you use one, your voice will be indistinguishable from RF. If you can (hotel, home office, etc) use a land-line. With the proliferation of smart phones it is clear most will try to use those, if you can, use a decent headset. K7TKR recommends this one.

If willing, try programming the phone number, as a contact, into your mobile. In a dial-string you can add a pause and wait (wait for you to click to continue dialing).

iPhone, as follows:

Name: PSR AllStar
Number: 7632300000,,,,2462#;1;XXX,YYY,ZZZZ,,2


, = :02 second pause
; = wait (for human intervention)

Android, as follows:

Name: PSR AllStar
Number: 7632300000ppppppp2462#t1tXXXpYYYpZZZZpp2


p = :01 second pause
t = wait (for human intervention)