Winlink: Internet Email over Radio

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What if the Internet isn't working, where you are at the moment?

As a Ham, you can send Internet email to anyone else in the world, even non-Hams, over Ham Radio channels, and it's free! And your family and friends can send to you, from wherever they are, as well.

Of course, we have to follow the rules of U.S. Amateur Radio: we cannot conduct business with Winlink emails. And it's not fast. But it works really well, almost anywhere in the world.

Winlink has helped save many Lives and Property; see the "Winlink Was There" articles on the Home Page

Start Learning about Winlink: article on Winlink

Introduction to Winlink Email Over Radio (N6NBN) (Feb. 2018)

Winlink, An Introduction (Feb 2013, by N6NBN)

Here's a couple Diagrams, showing typical Radio and Computer Equipment needed for Winlink:
(CLICK for larger images):

"Winlink for VHF/UHF"

"Winlink for HF"
Winlink on VHF/UHF Frequencies
Winlink on HF Frequencies

Winlink Express with a SignaLink USB External Sound Card: Configuration Instructions

Where to find UZ7HO's SoundModem Program (Important! You want the "" version!)