What Radio(s) should I buy?

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As the old saying goes, "Ask ten hams which radio to buy and you will get 11 answers." It really depends on which parts of the hobby interest you the most. Rag-chewing on VHF/UHF repeaters? Amateur Satellites? Chasing DX on the HF bands? Let your interests guide you.

Your First Transceiver

Many newly-licensed Technicians start with an all-in-one, mobile radio called a "Handie-Talkie" or HT for short. Is a Walkie-Talkie ("HT") enough? This allows most operators to monitor and transmit to at least a few repeaters in their area.

What Next?

  • Improve your range by using a VHF/UHF mobile rig
  • Add digital capabilities to your station

Upgrade your license; upgrade your gear

Upgrading to higher license classes allows you to operate on the high frequency bands ("HF bands"). Operating on these additional frequencies requires new equipment.