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What is a VE?

When you took your first license exam (or took an exam to upgrade), a group of volunteer examiners (VEs) that administered the test and helped to forward your results to the FCC. Volunteer examiners are amateur radio operators just like you who hold an accreditation that allows them to oversee the process for licensing new hams and awarding license upgrades.

Many operators see becoming a VE an opportunity to "pay it forward" by expanding the community of amateur radio enthusiasts.

How to Become a VE


Any person at least 18 years old whose amateur license has never been revoked or suspended is eligible to become a Volunteer Examiner. You must also hold a General or Extra class license.


It's an open book test! The ARRL requires only an application and a 40-question review form. The ARRL website has all of the details and forms.

Volunteer Examiner Coordinator

The FCC delegates the preparation and organization of VEs to a short list of organizations called Volunteer Examiner Coordinators. The ARRL and Laurel VEC are the major VECs for our area.