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Welcome to the Puget Sound Repeater Location (QTH) Tour

The photos below were taken on 5/5/17 by KG7AUL, CK.

PSR-School Exterior.JPG

A view looking SE towards the school.


Last staircase through the teacher's lounge.


Wide shot of equipment table.


As shown in 19" rack (above):

-Motorola MTR2000 Transceiver

-ARGUS 24V Charge Controller

-Mikrotik RouterBoard modified to enclose RasPi 3 (EchoIRLP node) & HamWAN TCP/IP

-Furman AC Power Conditioner

-BearCat receive only for Listen Online

-Mini PC for MP3 Streaming


At bottom left is our new AllStar node as Cory NQ1E preps the LAN.


The batteries need water every 3 months. The syringe is used to bring the water level to the meniscus.

<embedvideo service="youtube">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3kvOLQfRoU</embedvideo>

Video showing what it looks like when the H2O level is correct.


A view of downtown Seattle from the rooftop.