New Ham FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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New Ham FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

LOTS needs to be added here! N6NBN

  • "is a Walkie-Talkie ("HT") enough?"
    • NOPE!
  • What should I learn First, Second, Third...
    • How To program my radio;
    • How to Find Repeater Info;
    • How to Operate on a Radio Net;
  • How to meet other Hams
  • Do I need to spend Thousands of Dollars to be a Ham Operator?
  • Do I need a huge antenna on my roof, or a Big Tower in my backyard?
  • How do I find somebody to talk with?
  • How do I find Repeaters?
  • How do I find Radio Nets?
  • How do I find Ham Clubs near me?
  • Are there Public Service Events I can participate in?
  • How can I learn Morse Code?
  • I want to Upgrade my License; where do I find Study Materials online?
  • What Radio(s) should I buy?
  • How do I find Ham Fests, Conferences, and/or Swap Meets?
  • How do I find an Emergency Preparedness Group to join?
  • Ham Vocabulary, help!!?? (see “New Ham Terminology” at HamWiki at
  • How do I Program my Radio?
  • Earth-Moon-Earth
  • Online Practice Ham Tests: