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# 9 Offset
# 9 Offset
# 11 Bandwidth
# 11 Bandwidth
# 12 Rx Freq
# 14 Tx Freq

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Warning: This is a draft-in-progress.

How to add WW7PSR (the PSRG repeater) as an analog channel in the Anytone AT-878UV via the keypad (programming manually)

To program repeater 146.960, -0.6 MHz offset, 103.5 Hz CTCSS TX tone, wide band, high power level, into a channel.

The [MENU/SELECT/CONFIRM] key is at the upper left corner of the keypad and features a solid green bar. The [EXIT/BACK/DELETE] key is at the upper right corner of the keypad and features a broken red bar. The ▲ ▼ keys are on the round key between the [MENU] and [EXIT] keys and the ▲ (up) key is marked with a single white line at the top. The ▼ (down) key is marked with a single white line at the bottom. The #↑ key on the keypad is used to toggle between lower and upper letters and numbers but only while you are in a window, e.g. the channel Name window, that allows you to input alphanumeric data.

  1. Turn on the radio.
  2. Press [MENU] and then use the ▲ ▼ keys to highlight Settings.
  3. Press [SELECT] to select Settings.
  4. Use the ▼ key to highlight 2 Chan Set then press [SELECT].
  5. Use the ▼ key to highlight New Chan then press [SELECT]. (When you select New Chan the channel number window will open, the next unassigned channel number is displayed by default in the lower right of the window.)
  6. Use the keypad to enter the channel number of your choice and then press [CONFIRM]. After you enter the channel the Name window will open, you can skip this for now by pressing [CONFIRM] or you may enter a name. You can also skip Zone selection by pressing [SELECT] to select the default zone. Press [SELECT] again to confirm your choices and exit the New Chan window. (If you try to create a new channel using a channel number that has already been assigned you will get an error message.)
  7. Use the ▼ key to highlight 3 Channel Type and press [SELECT] to select it then press [SELECT] 1 A-Analog and then press [Back].
  8. 4 TCTD 2CTC
  9. 8 Tx Power
  10. 9 Offset
  11. 11 Bandwidth
  12. 12 Rx Freq
  13. 14 Tx Freq

You can confirm that you've programmed the radio correctly by following the instructions

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