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Welcome to the Puget Sound Repeater Group Wiki

Here we will curate fantastic information for, and by, the ham community. If you would like to contribute or make edits, please create an account or login using your FCC call-sign.

Are you ready to contribute to the wiki but don't know where to start? See the list of articles needing attention. If you've created a page and would like to see it linked from the Main_Page (this one), e-mail tech[at] with a link to the article.

EmComm: Emergency Communications

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External Resources

  • Bookmark and read the Radio Hobbyist's Deisgn Book.
  • A good site for visualizing the wind/weather is
  • If you're new to the hobby and just got a Chinese HT, be sure to check out
  • Learn more about the hobby by subscribing to some [Amateur Radio Media | amateur radio podcasts and YouTube channels].