How do I start a contact?

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Using your license to access repeaters is an inherently social activity. While it can be a daunting task at first, you shouldn't be nervous. Other radio operators are looking to make friendly contacts just like you!


  • Let other operators know that you are there by saying your call sign!
    • Simply announce your call sign and say "monitoring." Then stay on frequency and wait for a response.
  • Phone a friend
    • If you want to reach a particular station, say your friend's call sign and then your call sign.
  • Stick around after the Nine O'Clock Net


  • Don't call "CQ" in to a repeater as you would on a calling frequency
  • Do not use CB lingo. There is no need to say "breaker, breaker" or anything like that. Simply announce your call sign.
  • Sometimes there isn't anyone around to respond. That's OK. Try a different repeater or give it a try at a different time. Some repeaters are unused at one hour and come alive at another time of day. Keep trying!