DVR Playback

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Enable DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) playback on the PSRG Repeater:

1. Try and listen for at least 30 seconds to verify there's no ongoing traffic then key-up and say "[Your Call] Controlling". (Please, do not neglect this step!*)

2. With the PTT still held down, press 1 then 2 and let go of the PTT.

3. The repeater controller will respond with "Ready."

4. Key up again and give a short test transmission (ie, "1 2 3 4 5, 5 4 3 2 1 testing"). When you un-key the repeater will playback what you said.

5. Clear with your call.

The reason we ask you to ID/state what you're going to do before keying DTMF tones is so that others who are listening have the opportunity to turn down their radio(s) before-hand. Can be startling, otherwise.

Alternative Online Method

The Digital Voice Recorder might not work if your signal into the repeater is too weak for the PTT to be recognized. An alternate way that actually provides even greater fidelity is to make a test transmission on the repeater and listening for it online at

Please note that the audio stream is typically delayed by about 30 seconds and don't forget to sign off with your call sign. A benefit of this method is that you avoid any degradation of the playback coming back from the repeater to you.