Activities for Amateur Radio operators

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Amateur Radio operators in the United States have expansive privileges at all license levels. That means you are able to transmit on many frequencies (each with different characteristics) and use a wide array of equipment. If you are recently licensed or an experienced operator looking for a new way to use your license and equipment, you will find something interesting here:

  • Upgrade your license class
  • Become a Volunteer Examiner
  • Earn awards based on your recorded contacts
  • HF DXing
  • Participate in Emergency Communications
  • Study solar weather
  • Build your own equipment from kits or components you supply
  • Participate in social nets (Insomniac Net, Nine O'Clock Net, etc.)
  • Learn Morse code
  • Listen to satellites or the International Space Station
  • Use your computer to converse over RF using digital modes (Puget Sound digital hams)
  • Field Day
  • APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)
  • Decode images from weather satellites
  • Make contacts beyond your local area using IRLP, Echolink, All-star
  • Learn about repeaters (PSRG technical committee info?)