APRS: Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System

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Some Ham Operators choose to "beacon" their current location, from their vehicle, bicycle, or even their backpack or purse, using the APRS System.

The APRS Home Page, by Bob Bruniga WB4APR

A Gentle Introduction to APRS (by N6NBN, 2013)

In North America, the most commonly-used frequency is 144.390 MHz Simplex.

There are many "works out of the box" solutions, including Byonics.com; I use 2 of their "MT-AIO" units, which can be carried easily in a back-pack, or installed in a vehicle; they will run off of 8 AA batteries, or from external 12-volts DC.

Byonics.com MT-AIO APRS Beacon, Exterior View
Byonics.com MT-AIO APRS Beacon, Interior View

But, you ask: How can I "see" where these Hams are at the moment?

This site works really well: APRS.fi